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Invoicing information
Managing Director

Harri Tiittanen

Harri has worked at Power-Deriva since 2002 and has seen many kinds of market situations. The results of his work are frequently reflected in the client’s operations with an immediate, measurable effect.
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Head of Trading

Sami Koskela

Sami has worked at Power-Deriva ever since the company was established. He has been in a position to closely follow the development of the energy market. The experience and expertise he has gained over the years is at our clients’ disposal.
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Antti Martikainen

Antti started at Power-Deriva in the beginning of 2015 as a Master's Thesis Worker. Antti studies electrical engineering at Lappeenranta University of Technology.
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Senior Quantitative Analyst

Jouni Mäenpää

Jouni has worked at Power-Deriva ever since the company was established. He thinks that a key to success in the field is the ability to calculate, model and transform numbers into an understandable form or computer algorithms.
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Back Office Manager

Katriina Raula

Katriina is a newcomer at Power-Deriva. She has noticed that in a closely integrated workplace community, the significance on one’s work is immediately visible. Katriina seeks to anticipate situations and wants to answer the client’s questions even before they are asked.
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Risk Manager

Jani Salmi

Jani started his career at Power-Deriva in 2005. While attending to his duties as a risk and portfolio manager, he has over the years formed a comprehensive and clear conception of the operations and operating practices of companies in the energy sector.
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Head of Finance
Compliance Officer

Laura Sippola

Laura has worked at Power-Deriva since 2011. Her job is to help clients in issues related to the increasingly stringent regulation in the energy and finance sector. She tackles any assignment with relentlessness and zest.
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Senior Investment Analyst

Ville Venäläinen

Ville has worked at Power-Deriva as an analyst and portfolio manager for four years. This gives him an excellent perspective for understanding the market and the clients’ requirements. Ville says that derivative instruments and the various aspects related to their pricing are generally considered difficult to understand. Someone needs to master them well enough so as to be able to explain them in a clear and understandable manner.
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Senior Portfolio Manager

Jani Vesanto

Jani has worked in the field ever since the deregulation of the electricity markets. He thinks that the value Power-Deriva delivers to its clients stems from a highly competent team, effectiveness and flexibility, and a fully client-driven way of doing things.
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