Wide-ranging expertise and continuous development are prerequisites for success on changing markets. We provide our clients with services related to electricity markets based on up-to-date information about the markets and the status of the client’s business.

Physical Market Services

The physical market service is implemented in accordance with the client’s requirements. We identify and manage market risks on behalf of our clients, thereby reducing the costs our clients incur in procuring electricity.

Our service includes all of the sub-entities required on electricity markets, such as forecasting consumption, optimising production, risk analysis of the market status, Spot and Elbas trading, imbalance settlement, reporting and managing market changes.

Portfolio management

A deep understanding of the client’s business and market knowledge form the foundation of our portfolio management service. We operate on behalf of our clients on electricity markets and we offer the best solutions and advice for the development and success of our clients’ businesses.

Our portfolio management service includes profit forecast calculation, risk calculation and reporting services for clients. Our portfolio management service is supported by our extensive analysis expertise and models of the fundamentals of electricity prices over the short and long term.

Our risk management systems enable real-time monitoring of the client’s derivative trading, reporting and data transfer to the client’s own information systems.


Power-Deriva offers the required trading on market places with high levels of efficiency, quality and transparency.

We trade on behalf of clients, with transactions involving standard electricity derivatives listed on the Nasdaq Commodities exchange. Alternatively, we can conduct bilateral transactions, making use of our extensive network. We trade in instruments such as emission allowances and carbon derivatives on the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE).

We make Elspot and Elbas trades on behalf of our clients on the Nord Pool electricity exchange every day of the year. We have direct connections between our systems and the electricity exchange.

Our backoffice service handles contact with clearing houses on behalf of clients and assists in everyday matters related to processing derivatives. We also handle statutory trade reporting in accordance with the EMIR and REMIT regulations on behalf of our clients.


We offer consultancy services including designing risk handbooks and services related to the risks and uncertainties associated with electricity price trends. For example, we have prepared extensive reports on demand-side mangement and updated long-term market forecasts.

We also assist our clients in regulatory matters related to the energy sector and issues related to processing derivatives.



We offer trading services for the following products:

  •     Electricity SPOT and Elbas markets
  •     Electricity derivatives
  •     Emission allowances
  •     Carbon derivatives
  •     Oil derivatives
  •     Currency derivatives
  •     Electricity Guarantee of Origin (GO) products